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Facts About Vanuatu

Welcome to the account of award winning* writer Barry Maydom's teaching and travelling in the South Pacific island nation of Vanuatu. Hope you like it.
*Swalecliffe Primary School's 'Most Improved Swimmer,' 1996

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Hi everyone,
Almost there! I hope to finish my journal in the next few weeks. OK, I've promised that before, but maybe if I say it enough times it'll come true.
Some news: Vanuatu has been rated the happiest country in the world! Probably all that kava. Click here for the full story.
Ambae's volcano partially erupted in December 2005. 5000 people were evacuated to the coastal regions; Londua was used as one of the principal refugee centres. Luckily, no deaths were reported and most people have returned to their homes now. Fears that it would blow majorly (in which case it would be a similar eruption to Krakatoa - not good) were never realised, although it is overripe to explode. No GAP volunteers were sent this January because the Foreign Office is still advising against all travel to the island.
Take care,


NB:- Aoba is the pre-independence spelling of Ambae

Londua School
The school bell with chapel, office & Y10 classroom